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However, if Hunter and his linemates can come together as a unit and punish those who try to run between the tackles and consistently wreck the pocket, this team will have a chance to become contenders. After Chris and Bud get in a seemingly horrific car wreck and then bicker with one another, eyewitnesses intervene and try to de-escalate the situation. Harry was 12 years old when his mother, Princess Diana, died in a tragic car wreck in Paris. This all translates into the odds being unfortunately low that even after getting into a car wreck that they will get summarily dinged for being a lousy driver. This page shows you usage and meanings of Get rekt around the world. Usually used by either kids or trolls on online games in order to annoy or provoke other players. Simply select a language and press on the speaker button to listen to the pronunciation of the word. The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. CryptoDefinitions is one of the most comprehensive blockchain and cryptocurrency dictionaries on the web.

definition of rekt

Joining a crypto community opens new learning opportunities that you can’t get anywhere else. Here’s what you can gain from Paxful’s Telegram community. Trade BTC, start dropshipping, or sell baked goods online—if you’re connected to the Internet, you can make money in the Dominican Republic. Someone holding onto a coin that definition of rekt has plummeted in price. An investor who owns five percent or more of any cryptocurrency coin. When a cryptocurrency is about to soar in both price and volume. The crypto community’s sentiments swing like a yo-yo from time to time, causing prices to rise or drop. Don’t become just another crypto horror story this Halloween.

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Rather, it is an informal summary that seeks to provide supplemental information and context important to know or keep in mind about the term’s history, meaning, and usage. A BearWhale is a dangerous creature because he/she/it tries to sell large quantities of bitcoin on the open market, lowering the price for everyone else. The only known sighting of one in the wild occurred on October 2014 on the Slovenian Bitstamp exchange. On the stock market, it describes an investor who holds on to their shares in a company for too long and ends up taking a huge loss when the value tanks. In cryptocurrency, it basically means the same thing — if you buy a bunch of altcoins, and wait too long to sell, their value could go to zero, and you’re left holding the bag. The Civic ICO and associated REKTactular downward spiral of the company and CEO credibility provides a nice snapshot of REKT as it relates to crypto and getting destroyed. As of may of 2020 the Civic token is trading around $0.02/coin. Vinny Lingham was also recently sued regarding the ICO and Securities Law violations. Is being in an exchange hack one of your biggest fears? It’s a tale as old as time, but not the kind with a happy ending.

definition of rekt

There are many different ways a trader can be rekt for various different reasons. First of all, being a Crypto trader is really difficult and the unpredictability is what does not give you a secured income at all. On the other hand, that is the exact fun of Crypto trading as well as stock market. The unpredictability gives the traders thrill and in turn, that is exactly what keeps them going. But again, that does not change the fact that a person can be completely devastated with a total financial loss any time in such markets.

How Common Is This Slang?

However, the term may carry different meanings depending on the context. Rekt is basically the short version of the wreckedand it is very commonly used in the crypto market. It is no doubt that the cryptocurrency market is not at all predictable which is the reason why a lot of failures happen even overnight. Suppose a trader had invested all his money and for some reason such as the unfavourable market trend or wrong analysis, he loses all his money. That is exactly when the person would be called rekt in the crypto trading market. Newbie is a slang term for a new person in a community, group, or video game, and especially on the internet . “Noob” is short for “newbie”, another slang term that comes from the word “new”. A noob usually means a bad player in a game, or someone who does not know the rules of a community.

Also refers to the many pump-and-dump schemesinvolving thinly traded “altcoins” (cryptocurrencies that aren’t bitcoin, which function more like penny stocks) on the scene. A versatile term that can also be used to refer to holders of state-issued “fiat” currency. The result was a sudden but temporary flattening of the bitcoin price. It was temporary because hodlers and whales assembled to soak up the BearWhale’s coins, successfully slaying it. This event was commemorated with artworkof the battle, such as the picture atop this post. But try to join in their conversations, and you’ll likely be baffled. Why do traders persistently misspell “hold” even in the face of powerful autocorrect software? Even insiders marvel at the slang bitcoin culture has spawned.

The term might even go as far as to describe a match wherein the opponents are not at par with each other with consideration to skills, leading one party to be completely demolished by the other team. Or any of the other 9309slang words, abbreviations and acronyms listed here at Internet Slang? Your resource for web acronyms, web abbreviations and netspeak. BearWhale — By extension, a big-time trader who is bearish on the price of bitcoin. I am actually a really nice guy when I see someone genuinely play well.

It is generally used in the context of someone losing very badly at some type of contest such as a video game. It also has gained even more use in the cryptocurrency space. The term can pick up more momentum TBH as more people get involved with things like Bitcoin and Tezos along with other coins. If a trader does not quite analyse the market trend properly and invests all his money on the cryptocurrency whose prices go down later, the person has huge chances of getting rekt. Rekt is a deliberate misspelling of the word wrecked. To be rekt is to make a bad trade that results in heavy losses. Getting rekt can also be used to refer to any significant reduction in one’s portfolio value as a result of unfavorable market conditions, negative market sentiment, and unprecedented dumps.


Undoubtedly, there are few chances of a trader getting rekt even after doing all of them perfectly and that is just unpredictability playing its part. Quoted from data from market research firm Skew, Arcane reported that open interest in bitcoin futures contracts for CME was 1. Get FTX Token current price, charts and other info about cryptocurrency in last 24 hours. Comparison of Form 8938 and FBAR Requirements Internal Revenue. 60 house edge, this high paying game will possibly offer you the best payout. CoinGecko provides a fundamental analysis of the crypto market. In addition to tracking price, volume and market capitalization, CoinGecko tracks community growth, open-source code development, major events and on-chain metrics. A shorthand slang for “wrecked”, typically describes bad trades that results in losses. Outside of the crypto trading world, rekt is essentially the slang used to describe a bad situation.

Professional “traders”, trolls, and other voices on Twitter toss around memes and insults related to someone getting REKT with respect to a crypto trade or ICO gone bad. There are plenty of GIF and MEME to check out on Tiktok, Facebook, or Youtube on this topic. Do all of your favorite builders, influencers, and traders seem to be in a dark place? Did the ‘Death Cross’ leave you with nightmares of price drops and bitcoin dumps to come? Protect yourself from crypto FUD with a little holy water, some garlic, and stepping away from crypto Twitter for a few days. A trader should not be emotionally connected with his investments.

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People usually say it in online games when they beat someone. Why the question had to absolutely be posted here before googling, which would inevitably lead to Urban Dictionary, is beyond me. It can also be used as a standard imperative instructing the interlocutor to get wrecked or destroyed. The slight irony here is that you give the imperative after the wrecking has already happened. A spelling variation of the word wrecked commonly used in social media and SMS messaging. Two players disconnected, and my multiplayer team was rekt before the match even started. Bagholder— An investor who has been hodling for too long, and is left to face the consequences.

What does OMG really mean?

oh my God — used (as in email or text messages) to indicate that something is considered surprising, shocking, thrilling, etc.

Scrub is a general insult for someone who is bad at something. It can be applied in a range of contexts, from sports to video games to dating. Regarding the latter, a scrub usually refers to a man, though women aren’t exempt from the “lowlife” insult. Cryptocurrency fans actually borrowed the term bagholder from Wall Street. A bitcoin maximalist believes that bitcoin, not any other cryptocurrency, will take over the world. When a bitcoin holder is mocked for not being rich yet, they’re being bitshamed. The case of bitcoin advocate Andreas Antonopoulos is a great example of this. An avid bitcoin lecturer for years, he revealed in December that he’s actually not a bitcoin millionaire, and sold his coins early to cover rent and bills. He was bitshamed by Roger Ver, known in the bitcoin community as “Bitcoin Jesus,” for his failure to hodl.


We do our best to explain crypto-related words and phrases in a way that can be easily understood by casual readers. More than just a glossary, each definition goes into detail while avoiding the use of overly technical and confusing jargon. Another accepted definition of the term is that someone is extremely drunk or high. Summer is the most important time to make sure you’re getting enough water, but for the people of Reddit’s /r/HydroHomies, there’s never enough.

What is Lel in confined space?

An LEL Confined Space refers to Lower Explosive Limit within the confined space, which will be a percentage of combustible material in a gas or vapor state, that if mixed in the right proportion with air can create a hazardous fuel/air mixture that can be ignited and explode.

Among bitcoiners, however, FUD is generally used to refer to anything, like negative press coverage or blog posts, that might dissuade people from joining the cause of cryptocurrency. REKT can extend into other areas of pop culture such as sports like baseball, basketball, and e-sports. Fans can use it when discussing a game between the LA Lakers and Houston Rockets or a game between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers as examples. Correct pronunciation for the word “REKT” is [ɹˈɛkt], [ɹˈɛkt], [ɹ_ˈɛ_k_t].


Look up any word in the dictionary offline, anytime, anywhere with the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary app. The right skills and the mental approach can not only save you from getting rekt but also can earn you more money than you can think. The ultimate reason behind it is the fact that data drives success and the process of analysing has changed over the years. A little bit of skill in surveying and analysing is good enough for you to earn enough profit. Similar measures have come up four times since 2011, but have failed to pass after courts and local governments complained that the loss of revenue from fees collected on warrants would wreck their budgets.